Superstore no tax event

superstore no tax event

The Real Canadian Superstore is having a no tax event this weekend on Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18, from OPEN to CLOSE. Im in line right now at superstore in Coquitlam off lougheed hwy. the no tax event here is until pm-not just until 12 in the afternoon. VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Superstore has no-tax days usually once or twice a month . Watch out for the no tax event days, those are awesome because you can.

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Superstore no tax event

Superstore no tax event - god knows!

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No Tax Event At Real Canadian Superstore

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The Real Canadian Superstore – No Tax Event April 17 and 18

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Real Canadian Superstore Ontario No Tax Event, 50% off In-Stock BBQ's - SUPERSTORE NO TAX EVENT

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Real Canadian Superstore No Tax Event

I know weird post on a blu-ray forum, but you can save the tax on a ps3 purchase or even some blu-ray movies or games or blu-ray players. I don't know if this applies to all the Real Canadian Superstores, but the ones in B.C., have no tax on items purchased in the store this evening. Starting this weekend, the Real Canadian Superstores across Canada are having No Tax Days! Here are the event dates for each participating. View your Weekly Flyer Real Canadian Superstore online. Find sales, special offers, coupons and more. Valid from Oct 11 to Oct Real Canadian Superstore Flyer Weekly Offers Lobster every single day and Thanksgiving is also not a daily event that we have. make your family in shock and cheerful because of its taste but no meat in it. All Deals · Flyer Items. PRINT FLYER. Coupons. Lower Sackville Superstore Change Store · Shopping List There are 0 items in your shopping list. 0. SUPERSTORE NO TAX EVENT

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Superstore No Tax Event – April 21 - Access Winnipeg Superstore no tax event

Superstore: No Tax Event Saturday, April 1